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To create a payment request fill out the new request form.

Mandatory informations are: Remunerator (the name or entity that you request a payment from), the subject of the payment, the amount and currency requested and the due date. The due date is default set to one week from today.

The optional fields are the detailed Description field, and the fields for entering an email address for notification purposes. Your email is not revieled for the remunerator. You can choose to get notified when the payment is done, and when the payment is overdue.

The advanced settings includes an option for requesting payments to other accounts then the one you are signing the request with. Note that the remunerator will be warned in case of such a request.

Once you have filled out the payment request, press done and then confirm. Pressing confirm, signs the request, cryptographically binding your request with description, subject and amount to the payment. The remunerator hence have, on completion of the payment a proof that he have payed for the mentioned item or service.

The final step is to send the link of the payment to the remunerator - the link is the URL of the form:

You can follow the status of your payment requests in the sidebar where this tutorial is also present.

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