microbits.com presented at the BitCoin 2012


microbits.com is a the backend of a modular micropayment system based on bitcoins.

microbits.com offers a series of plugins enabling easy payment, donations and message signing. This enables a site to both accept bitcoin transactions as well as pay users back using bitcoins.

The user ony sees a payment button or balance button with amounts in his local currency. All rate exchange to bitcoins is done via the microbits.com site.

Everyone can pay!
There is no signup, no cumbersome entering of email address and other details. The moment you start using microbits.com you become a user.

Everyone is a merchant!
Not even merchants need to sign up! Buttons can be inserted into a site, like a facebook button and you can start to accept donations and payment right away. The money goes from your customers browser directly to yours!


Try microbits.com in action at Ceptacle Post
The Ceptacle Post is a demo newspaper written by freelancers, that get payed in bitcoins, when submitting a story. The paper of each day can be bought each day for the price of 1USD.

Try microbits.com in action at Ceptacle Pay
Ceptacle Pay is person to person digital cash transfer service that enables you to request money and get notified once they are payed.

microbits.com is based on the libcoin C++ and the bitcoinjs JavaScript liraries
All servers are running a backend build on top of the libcoin library. The backends serve the browser wallets using the bitcoinjs for signing and key generation.

For further inquiries contact Ceptacle at: microbits@ceptacle.com